The best of the best!  My 3 daughters have been going to Belmont Pediatric Dentistry for about 15 years and they are always happy going.  Everyone working in the office  is very nice and they’re always smiling and very professional and helpful.  You will NOT be disappointed!

Chrissy S

I’ve gone to Belmont Pediatric Dentistry since I was … maybe 5 years old until I was 18. I moved to California for college, and I haven’t found a dentist as good and nice & she is out here in San Diego! I’d say that a lot of kids grow up either hating the doctor and/or the dentist, but because of their care and wonderful personality, I grew up enjoying dentist visits and dreading doctor visits!

I was also able to have a visit or two when they moved to their new office in Centre Street before I moved too.

-Joy M.

Joy M.

Always professional, friendly and immaculate! We’ve been with this practice for more than fifteen years and have never been disappointed.

Leigh M